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Dialogue: Racism

Saturday, April 2nd (10 AM to 5 PM) and Sunday, April 3rd (1 PM to 5 PM).

at UU Fellowship of Boca Raton (UUFBR)

2601 St. Andrews Boulevard, Boca Raton, FL

Presented by the CENTER FOR THE HEALING OF RACISM Internalize Oneness of Houston, Texas.

Presenters: Cherry Steinwender, executive director, and Lucy McLaughlin

The two day workshop will include an overview of racism’s history and how it is perpetuated, how people may inadvertently participate in racism, the role of stereotypes (internalized and institutionalized), and cultural racism. The co-presenters will assist participants to determine ways to act on the workshop experience.

To learn more about this opportunity and UUFBR’s Healing Justice Group, call 561-482-2001 (administrator) or visit the UUFBR website at or to access the flier in the newsletter, page 7, use:  To learn more about the CENTER FOR THE HEALING OF RACISM and the presenters. go to   Registration is limited to 50 participants, $20.00 is requested to cover lunch on Saturday and refreshments.


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