Pensacola: UU Fellowship of Pensacola

Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola 2013-2014



Chalice Circle Series on Racial Justice lead by Rev. Julie (2 months, once per week);

  • Book Reads: Healing the Heart of Democracy by Robert Palmer, Reclaiming Prophetic Witness, Liberal Religion in the Public Square; The New Jim Crow , Behind the Kitchen Door;
  • Monthly Justice section in newsletter highlighting an issue and an action. For example: supporting a Stop Fracking petition; a report on ALEC’s attack of democracy, reasons to support the UUSC’s the good buy
  • Sunday services at least monthly once per month on a justice issue


  • Sponsor and run PeaceFest annually and Veterans for Peace play in 2014
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Parade participation yearly.
  • World AIDS Day December 1 every year
  • Monthly church commitment to serve dinner at Circles Northwest Florida.
  • Manna Food Bank donation of goods commitment.
  • Collect and distribute sample sized toiletries for the homeless
  • Passed the Move to Amend Resolution.
  • A year-long focus on a Social Justice issue is chosen at yearly congregational meeting. In 2014 the congregation voted that the primary focus would be interfaith efforts for peace while continuing and building on our involvement with legislative issues through with UU Justice Florida and working with local non-profit partners that offer services in our local area for homeless, veterans and LGBT youth.
  • Fifth Sunday giving to a local non-profit organization.


Rationale: Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida has adopted the concepts and language of Bridges Out of Poverty and CIRCLES to change mindsets about poverty and build a sustainable community. BRIDGES OUT OF POVERTY training helps people understand the issues of generational poverty and the causes of poverty within Escambia County. This research has an impact on businesses, social service agencies, individuals, and those seeking to become an ally. ALLY training is for people who would like to build an intentional friendship with an individual or family working on his or her plan for becoming self-sufficient. The Bridges to Circles poverty initiative is looking for volunteers to serve as allies who provide support and assist with life issues to motivated families moving out of poverty.

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