Deland: First UU Church of West Volusia

First UU of West Volusia in Deland 2013-2014


 Neighborhood Center: this is a local non-profit organization that provides a food pantry for the hungry, manages a thrift shop and provides emergency housing for homeless adults as well as transitional housing for homeless families. The center has been the main focus of our activities. We collect food weekly from our church members to donate to the Center’s food bank. When the Center has fundraisers, our members participate. We have recently completed providing holiday gifts for the homeless families at the Center’s Heart House, based on their specific request. A church member serves on the Board of the Neighborhood Center which reinforces the partnership.

Group Homes: We collect funds from members as well as do fundraisers to provide birthday gift cards to children at local Group Homes. We provided 27 gift cards in 2014.

Interfaith Kitchen: Once a quarter we serve dinner for the homeless at the local Methodist Church. Approximately ten members volunteer monthly and 100-150 people are served on each occasion.


Bi-Weekly Discussion Group: 1 hour sessions held before Church every other Sunday. Topics vary based on the interest of the discussion leader and usually involve relevant readings involving topics in the news. Examples: Reconnecting with Compassion ( a call to action using compassion as a theme. And “It Could Happen to You” a video regarding the rights of gay couples.

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